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Forget buying - rent your textbooks!

Okay college and university students, this is a no-brainer!
Tightwad remembers the sheer terror standing at the cashier at the campus bookstore when the total for her semester's required reading textbooks flashed on the screen. It was a major financial commitment. Often the second hand book store was sold out of the mandatory textbook so buying used wasn't an option, and the idea of standing at the photocopier for hours on end making copies of required reading wasn't appealing at all - and quickly added up.
Now students can actually rent textbooks - what a fantastic option for post-secondary students on a budget. There are other practical reasons to rent too, like what are you going to do with all these books when you graduate and move? If you need reference books you could a) buy the one that you will need in professional practice after you've taken the course and realize you just have to have it (and don't forget there will be new editions to consider) b) do your research on the Internet - um, hello, Google? Textbooks are a burden to haul around and store once you've finished school. Who needs that?

Buying renting textbooks, you will:

- Save 40-90% off bookstore prices,
- Receive free shipping both ways,
- Benefit from 30 day risk-free returns,
- Be able to treat the textbook as your own - it's okay to use highlighter in them,
- Be able to ask for flexible renting period, and,
- Feel good! campusbookrentals donates to Operation Smile with each textbook rented.

To see the price difference between a new book and one rented from, click here!


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