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Bistro Peakaboo

What the heck? Tightwad is all about thrifty living, saving your pennies and other sassy bits and bobs like organizing your life and kitchen tips. But there is a new series coming to Tightwad and that's restaurant reviews. Why? Because Tightwad is applying for a position that is all about food blogging. It's a foodie's dream job and so she'd better prove that she can write about food. So, this is the first in the series. Here it goes!

It was a dark and stormy night. No no no... kidding, kidding.

In the mood for sushi? Try Bistro Peakaboo - a tiny sushi place on the main drag in Tsawwassen, BC. It's the only place in the town that's got a line up at lunch. It's the only place where the chefs call out "thank you" when you leave. It's good, fast and inexpensive. Even better, the rice is fresh. That's the worst when the rice is old. There's no disguising crunchy stale rice.
Tightwad always orders sushi without mayo in the hopes of cancelling out the fact that she invariably orders a dynamite roll (with shrimp tempura) and a yam roll (again, tempura). The other concoction she likes is the Tsawwassen roll - filled with fresh mango, salmon, tuna and cream cheese. Not sure if this is something you can only get in Tsawwassen, because if it is that may help explain the line ups at lunch besides all of the other things Peakaboo has going for it.
One complaint in general about sushi, what's the deal with rolls so big you can't actually fit them in your mouth? Is this supposed to be a good value-for-money selling feature type of thing? Because - and we can probably all agree - it doesn't work on many levels. You can't taste all the ingredients at once, because usually the best thing in the roll has dropped off your chopsticks into your soya sauce with the perfect wasabi ratio and splashed you in the face, your gal pal or stained your book.
The other thing that's great about Peekaboo besides the fresh, delicious and not too big sushi is that they always have something for you to read if you are by yourself. Otherwise, as anyone knows that dines alone, you either have to stare out the window or try not to look like you are staring at the waitstaff, and let's face it, then they think you are weird and you won't get a thank-you from the chefs when you leave.


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