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Being frugal is a learned behaviour

If you are ready for changing your spending and saving habits, like any other habit, it takes a commitment and a change in attitude. Remember: You are responsible for you! Living cheque to cheque, avoiding creditors or making excuses not to have dinner with your friends gets old, fast. If you can live a more frugal lifestyle, you will be happier and have control of your life, instead of letting your money control you.

You are in control Understand that you are in control of the direction your life takes and in control of daily interactions. No excuses. Don't put it off. Take a long look at your finances. Figure out where your money is going and establish a budget that balances. Get everyone involved! Tell your friends that while you can't afford lavish dinners out, there are lots of other ways to have fun - host a potluck or a clothes swap.

Change your 'tude People forget that they have the freedom to choose how they respond to situations, including negative ones. When life gives you lemons, break out the salt and tequila!

Avoid temptation Don't go shopping. Stepping into a store full of things you don't need is a big waste of time and money, and an easy place to start compromising on your renewed promises to yourself - it's as simple as that.

Know what you want Begin with clearly defined visual/mental completion of your goals and you will be able to put into practice the pro-active, physical completion of your goals in much the same way a building is created from blueprints.

Prioritize Determine what is most important to you and spend time organizing and managing your time around personal priorities to make them a reality. You don't have to take on everything and should be choosey about what you do and how you spend your time.

Think winning! A win-win mindset allows you to see mutual benefits from all interactions. Focusing on an abundance mentality will help you achieve your goals while helping others achieve theirs. Aiming to live a more frugal lifestyle will enable you to achieve true wealth rather than just a life full of stuff.

Communicate If others understand your goals to take charge of your financial house, they will accommodate, even embrace, your new packed lunches and weekly menu planning mission! They may even have some other ideas to help you achieve your goal.

Network Hang out with other frugal people! Consider establishing a lunch group at work that take turns making lunches for everyone. Share ideas and learn from others to be successful.

Take care of yourself When you take time to renew yourself in physically, mentally and emotionally, you are creating the growth and change needed to be maintained to achieve success.


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