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Are you wasting your money on these?

Spending on some items seems inevitable due to lack of time or forethought - and can really add up! Tightwad got a lot of feedback on her post about primo money wasters. People seem really attached to their paper towels. What about these items?:

Bottled water Unless you live in a country where the water supply isn’t controlled and sanitized there is no need to drink bottled water. Bottled water is one of the greatest marketing coups (and scams) of the 20th century - companies saw a need and filled it, end of story. Tightwad is not going to get into the politics of this because well, she won't, but things are changing - many municipalities are banning the sale of bottled water in their civic buildings, including schools, and upgrading their drinking fountains. If you are concerned about the quality of your water, buy a test kit, a water filter jug or a filter system for your tap.

Health products Few health products are recognized by science to actually work. Exercise, healthy eating, that's the prescription for a healthy lifestyle. Kale and the skipping rope, people.

Magazines It is rare that there is a feature in a magazine that is not on a website, if indeed not even their mag’s own site. Buying magazines on vacations don't count though! If you simply have to have a certain periodical, subscriptions are the way to go.

Fitness equipment Exercise DVDs, skipping ropes, tennis rackets... these are all affordable ways to get in shape.

Unlimited wireless plans Many people overestimate how many cells and texts they make and get sucked into unlimited cell plans. Instead, consider lowering your plan by one pay bracket, which can save you up to $20 per month.

High SPF sunscreen There is no scientific proof that anything beyond SPF 45 is more effective, so shelve that SPF 80 and keep your money in your wallet (you need to make sure that you keep reapplying the lotion as needed).

What do you not buy because you think it is a primo money waster?


Michelle said...

I'm definitely wasting my money on nearly all of these! So sad.

Rida said...

Exercise DVDs, skipping ropes, tennis rackets... these are all affordable ways to get in shape. Carlmontpharmacy Online Bottled water is one of the greatest marketing coups.

ANWAR KHAN said...

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