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Tightwad TurboTax giveaway!

Tightwad is pleased to partner with TurboTax to provide a free copy of the tax preparation software to help you with your personal and business taxes!

Reasons to enter this contest: TurboTax provides accurate step-by-step guidance to your maximum refund. Guaranteed. It is easy, affordable and provides plenty of FREE support along the way. It is 100% accurate and compliant with CRA tax laws. It helps you find every deduction you deserve to maximize your refund. It is Canada's best selling tax software.

To enter this contest, simply:

1. Follow Tightwad
2. Tweet this contest - if you have a Twitter account
3. Leave a comment below so Tightwad can reach you when you win!

Good luck! Contest runs until February 29, 2012.


The Fam said...

I'm following you and tweeted here:!/channynn/status/171019452501078016

Thank you!

shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

Nancy D said...

LOVE your wonderful frugal ideas. Never would have thought to use pasta to light candles, but I will now! I'm also a big fan of Peek a Boo and loved your review. Hope you get the job. You would be the perfect choice!

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