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Tightwad quick tip: ice cube tray

Ice cube trays are fantastic for making ice, it's true, but they can be used for so many other things when you don't need cubes to chill your G + T - such as:

- Portioning homemade baby food
- Portioning exactly the same sized cookies (helpful if you are a perfectionist!)
- Storing just the right about of pesto that you will need for one meal
- Mixing paints at craft time
- The perfect self-serve sundae bar with sprinkles, nuts and other goodies in each compartment


CTMOM said...

Make "ice cubes" of leftover coffee for iced coffee that won't be diluted when the ice melts. Use to measure out fzn blobs of tomato paste, chopped fresh herb cubes fzn in ice, fzn cubes of the juice from canned fruits to use in unsweetened iced tea.

Tracey said...

I hadn't even thought of these ideas.. Love them all..Gotta get me some extra ice cube trays..dollar tree here I come!!

Marianne said...

Sundae bar?! great idea!

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