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Oscar party style, Tightwad price

Whether a movie fan or a fashion aficionado, Hollywood's biggest event is more enjoyable when you can gossip with friends over celebrity style and debate the list of nominees - at your house! However, hosting an Academy Award party requires a little more than typical party fare - plastic cutlery and seven layer dip just won't cut it people! But, tapping into emergency funds won't cut it either.

Consider these ways to throw an unforgettable Oscar party on a budget:

Spread the word A broadcast invite via Facebook or another social media network is a great option to get the word out and rally the troops.

Dress to impress Get the bling out and red carpet ready! Request guests arrive in their best award-winning attire worthy of the red carpet. Hit up second-hand stores or discount retailers for affordable evening wear or channel your inner Bjork with a stuffed swan wrapped around your torso. Thrift stores are a great place to look for vintage jewelry and sweet accessories that will really bring it.

Star snacks A simple shrimp cocktail garnished with lemon is an elegant yet affordable hors d'oeuvre that will be well received by your guests (check for allergies!). Frozen treats such as mini quiches can be bought in bulk for a savings at warehouse stores such as Costco. Cheese and crackers never fail as a crowd pleaser. Don't forget to use printable grocery coupons for additional in-store discounts.

Serve in style The Oscars call for something upsale. You could purchase clear plastic plates, but Tightwad doesn't like that from a aesthetic point of view, nevermind the sustainability issues. Your local thrift shop will have something that will be fabulous, or go to Ikea! Their tableware is awesome, affordable and you will have it for next year's party too!

Create a memorable entrance Give your guests the star treatment with a red carpet entrance. To keep it quick and inexpensive, pick up some red felt from a nearby fabric store to adorn your home walkway. Add some bling to your decor by dangling decorative stars and white lights around your entrance and living room. Add to the fun: have a neighbour's kids show up as the paparazzi!

Designer drinks Word has it that the official beverage of the 2012 Oscars features a botanical-infused vodka with fresh-squeezed sour mix, topped with champagne and a rose petal. You can easily serve this signature cocktail with tart lemonade, flavored vodka and Brut champagne.

Harmless wagers The Oscars provide the perfect opportunity for a friendly bet. Charge a small entrance free to your party and create a pool with the collected cash. Have guests choose winners for select categories - the one with the most right answers wins!

Ready to party?!


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