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Inexpensive Valentine's Day gift ideas

It's February and Valentine's Day is just around the corner. These gift ideas may even be more special to your recipient because they are thoughtful; really, does price matter? Tightwad note: perhaps there are extenuating circumstances - diamonds, for example.

1.Write a letter telling loved ones why they are important to you. Put it on nice paper and frame it with a special memento.
2. Download a music folder of your fav. music that you think they will enjoy.
3.Be a workout partner for a friend or relative and keep each other accountable for your exercise goals.
4.Give family heirlooms away. What are you waiting for?
5.Give a coupon to wash windows or clean the shed this spring…or some other dreaded job.
6.Give your kids a coupon for one week of no bed making or dish drying.


Tracey said...

Some quick and easy ideas... really like this a lot.. since I'm on a money diet..this will come in handy!!

Leagh@bunchesdirect said...

Yes,that would be fun,such unexpected present!Thanks for tips!

online singapore florist said...

They are very nice ideas, in fact can be tried at home

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