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Flowers for less

Today is a day for flowers. Here are some tips to help you shop smart and get more blooms for your buck.

Stick to a budget Costs vary between florists, so it pays to shop around. Keep in mind that it's a lot easier to compare prices over the phone or online if you already know what you want.

Ask questions Once you know the price of the flowers, it's time to calculate the bottom line. How much is the delivery charge? Is a vase included? Do they sell by the stem and, if so, is that cheaper? Are they any specials that you should know about.

Get sneaky with savings Gift card broker signs allow you to buy a store gift card for up to 35% off the face value. You'll find gift cards both for florists as well as supermarkets, so you can save either way.

Don't forget about supermarkets Many grocery stores offer some excellent, ready-made bouquets at prices that seriously undercut florists. Before you buy remember ask how long the arrangement has been on display, so it won't droop a day later.

Avoid ordering online While it's convenient to order online, you're actually pay an inflated price and, usually, a service fee.

You don't have to buy roses Although a traditional option on Valentine's Day, their price inflate on February 14. Bouquets arranged with other flowers can look just as beautiful and make your present a standout.

DIY Deliver it yourself and save the delivery charge. You may even get a very nice thank you!


Leagh@bunchesdirect said...

Of course,it is so nice to deliver flowers in person. But sometimes,if the distance does not allow to, I prefer to buy flowers online,it makes me sure,my friend will get a present from me on a such special date!

florist online said...

The post is giving information about flowers for less. Useful post

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