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Affordable fashion for... men!

When it comes to fashion, men have had a free pass for too long. Though casual attire is showing up in an increasing number of workplaces, there's still something to dressing for success. Stocking up on a few new looks doesn't have to drain your bank account. There are plenty of affordable ways to create a professional wardrobe. Before you start stocking up on penny loafers and blazers, consider a few of these money-saving style tips:

Go generic Does seeing a $150 price-tag on a button-up from a brand you've never heard of make you queasy? If so, you'll be happy to learn the shirt underneath your jacket or sweater isn't the most important piece of your look. While shirts provide a foundation for your overall outfit, they're pretty standard and don't require that much investment.

Timely shopping Purchasing suits in either January or July is your best bet; these months are typically when retailers reduce prices on last season's styles. Score even more savings by using a discount store gift cards from online swap sites, which can instantly trim the purchase price (eg.

Shoe shop online Sneaker shopping is popular with many men, but doesn't quite cut it in a professional environment. Luckily, many online shoe retailers offer free shipping and free returns with all shoe orders (eg. This provides the convenience of shopping from home without the worry of getting stuck with the wrong size.

Ditch dry-clean only As you upgrade your wardrobe, check the tags of the items before you buy. If possible, dry-clean only should be avoided. It's expensive, and, quite frankly, also inconvenient. Unless you're especially motivated to maintain your look, you'll likely wind up with a closet full of dirty clothes.

Keep it clean Sure you can flip your tie over your shoulder during a lunch of puttenesca, or bib it during lobster fest, but another option is keeping a stain removal pen handy in a pocket or at your desk to make coffee stains and BBQ sauce disappear immediately.

Make it interchangeable Interesting patterns and vibrant colors mixed into your wardrobe keep things fresh, but keep in mind that solid, standard colors such as light blue can be combined with a variety of different pants and jackets. Shopping this way allows you to create several different looks with a smaller number of clothes.

Get the deductions Got clothes you know you won't wear again? Try selling them online or at a local consignment store. Another option is to pack your clean clothes in a box and drop them off at a local donation centre. Remember to pick up a signed and dated receipt to get the tax deductions in the spring.

Get healthy With some diet and exercise. you'll soon have access to formerly ill-fitting items taking up real estate in your closet. Probably items you used to love wearing, too. Bonus: you'll look and feel terrific.


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