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Using savaged stuff in your garden

Patina patina patina If rusty and the paint is chipped, you don't have to worry about protecting your salvaged treasure from the elements. Conversely, if the finish is too polished, just leave it outside - a few bouts with snow and rain and you'll get the look you want. Once you get the look you want, use a rust protector to prevent further deterioration.

Safety Beware of sharp-edges and rusty metal. Keep in mind that vintage wood items are often finished in lead-based paint, which is harmful if ingested and can leach into the surrounding soil. If you suspect lead paint, seal the surface or remove the paint with stripper.

One person's trash is another person's treasure - so true! the s during April clean up - targeting fancier neighbourhoods should pay off with nice finds.
Provide year-round focal points Pick items in bright colors and interesting shapes that will create visual interest in the garden during the fall and winter seasons.


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