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Storing your vino

If you are lucky enough to have both the funds and the room to store wine, here are a few tips to help make the most of your stock:
- About 75% of wine is meant to be consumed within one year of release – so what are you waiting for?!
- Wine should be stored away from both natural and ultraviolet light, which can interact with the sulfites in the bottle that interact and produce foul aromas that make the wine undrinkable – which is, of course, unthinkable.
- If you break or lose a cork, you can store leftover wine by securing a piece of plastic wrap over the top and securing it tightly with an elastic band.
- Freezing wine should be avoided. If you are trying to chill it in time for a party, you may run the risk of “bruising” it or worst, forgetting about it! Better just pop a few ice cubes in your pinot whilst you wait for the rest of the bottle to chill. When wine is frozen it significantly alters the taste. You could use previously frozen wine for cooking, but most chefs would tell you to only cook with wine that you would drink.
- Storing champagne and sparkling wine in the refrigerator should not be for longer than six weeks because the air in the chilled environment will dry out the cork, which will release all the bubbles - and that would be a quel bummer.


Tracey said...

Some great tips for us wine drinkers..I love a variety to be in the house. I usually keep it in the fridge because I never know when a sudden urge to grab a glass will take hold of me! :)

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