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Money tips for women

Tightwad loves Suze Orman. She's no-nonsense and tells you what's what. Here are some Suze-style tips to help you get your financial house in order:
Don't rely on anyone else for financial security Educate yourself about money management and investing.
Set goals They are key to financial success.
Don't use money to make yourself feel good That short term fix will make you feel worse! Nurture self-respect and creativity so you don't seek those feelings through spending money.
Spend less than you earn It's the secret to creating and maintaining wealth.
Get an education People with degrees make significantly more money than those who don't.
Build an emergency fund Losing your job or incurring an unexpected bill could force you to take on heavy debt and could seriously compromise your financial well-being.
Be involved in the day-to-day management of your family's finances.
Talk about money with your family and significant other.
Wait to tie the knot until you are both debt free.
Don't let fear of losing money, failure or the unknown stop you from investing.
Learn from your money mistakes
Remember everyday is a new day and a chance for a fresh start!


Tracey said...

What great tips,,,I am officially doing a NO SPEND Diet for the next month. Nothing to buy except gas and food for my home. Oh, and pay the bills. But as far as Extras.. no way. I'm really going to see if this can be done and how much it can hurt :LOL... yeah, dont' think it will really hurt! Love this post, thanks for the encouragement as always!

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