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January is best time to buy...

Getting back into the swing of things after the holidays takes some adjustment. Re-introduction to the 9-5 grind and staring down piles of bills make make you swear off shopping forever. However... January is actually a good time to score some serious deals. Here are some ideas:
Linens and bedding Sheets, pillows, towels and more are all marked down to entice even Tightwad.
Calendars With each passing day into the new year, calendars loose a little bit of value. Savvy shoppers wait a few weeks into the new year to see prices drop by as much as 70%.
Gift cards Misguided gift card giving creates a huge secondary market for unwanted cards, with inventory at it's highest after the holidays. So before you throw down cash for your next purchase, buy gift cards at a discount and enjoy immediate savings.
Motorcycles January is the slow time for these fast bikes. Once spring fever strikes, prices climb as more people have a hankering to hit the open road.
Perfume This perennial holiday present usually sees its sales drop after Christmas so stock up before Valentine's Day arrives.
Holiday supplies With nearly another year until the next holiday season rolls around, merchants are desperate to get whatever price they can for remaining holiday inventory.
Video games Many popular titles are targeted for release in the months leading up to the holidays, and such games see a drop in price after the hype has died down.
Furniture Most new furniture models hit stores in February and August, which means leftovers from last year's collection have to go to free up floor space for new stock. You may even get a chance to negotiate.


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