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Dine at home and save

Everyone knows this but sometimes the lure of eating out is hard to resist. Here are a few tips on dining at home frugally in a dine-out world.
Shop on Tuesdays Wednesdays are the heaviest shopping day for supermarkets as that's when they publish their weekly newspaper ads (manufacturer ads are usually distributed with the Sunday paper.) This Tuesday, see if your produce clerk or butcher may be open to lowering the price on certain products they want to off-load.
Use mobile coupons Shopping on Tuesday means you can't take advantage of Wednesday coupons. But you can access mobile coupons right there in the store from a coupon app that will allow you to customize your coupons to your favourite store.
Plan meals around ads Plan your menu around featured items and build a list before you hit the store. You can use apps like Grocery Gadget (Apple) and Grocery IQ (Android) to create lists based on your supermarket's layout.
Shop stores that double coupons Not all supermarkets double-up on coupons, and not all maintain such a policy continuously. This practice is usually limited to specific days and allows you to double the face value of a coupon, up to a certain amount.
Don't overbuy bulk Yes, bulk seems like the best option and it may be tempting to buy the giant box of Cheerios. A better idea may be just to buy just enough to last until the next sale.
Limit produce purchases Rather than grab fruits and vegetables that look appealing, stick to your list and avoid spoilage. You're also more likely to use produce if you keep it in plain site or create an inventory of what you have in the crisper.
Avoid temptation Walk in the door and you're immediately assaulted by the smell of stunning flower arrangements, fresh deli items and beautifully arranged produce. It's tempting to fill your cart in this section, so be on your guard. Also beware of the non-food items for sale, you don't need them!
Don't use a cart The less room you have to fill, the less likely you are to make impulse purchases. Just use a basket or better yet, only buy what you can carry in your arms!


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