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Cutting your grocery bill in 2012

If your total monthly grocery bill is anything like Tightwad's, you know that groceries are a major expense. Here are some tactics to reduce the bottom line:
Track your food budget At the start of each month, attach an envelope to the refrigerator. Each time you buy food, drop the receipt in the envelope. At the end of each month, review your spending and see where you can make cuts.
Make a list and stick to it People who avoid impulse buying save money!
Join a local food co-op Find one near you at coop
Cut your meat consumption Substitute legumes or simply reduce the amount of meat you are giving per portion.
Ramp up the fruits and veggies Lose pounds and save money!
Get to know the managers at your local market Produce, meat and seafood managers will be able to tell you what time of day food is marked down so you can score the best deals.


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