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About... parsnips

Parsnips are a root vegetable and, like carrots, are often sold without their green leafy tops. Choose small to medium sized creamy white roots with are smooth, firm and blemish-free. Winter parsnips are often sweeter than their fall counterparts because the cold weather converts their starches to sugar - so sometimes a touch of frost is a good thing. Parsnips will keep in your crisper drawer for up to a month, unwashed. These unsung kitchen heroes are perfect for roasting or mashing - and that's not all! Here are some recipes to inspire you - root you on, so to speak:


Tracey said...

I love parsnips... I tried them this fall and yummy!! Delish!!!How wonderful to just sautee them and they sweeten by themselves!

Anonymous said...

Look forward to trying your parsnip recipes - they sound great

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