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Can shopping vintage save you money?

Vintage clothing and accessories have been incredibly trendy over the last year or so, and only seem to be growing in popularity. Unfortunately, when many think of vintage, they picture vintage Gucci, Chanel and other high priced brands which aren't exactly budget friendly. However, vintage isn't just for those with endless financial resources. In fact, vintage clothing is a great way to save on your wardrobe for any fashionista for the following reasons:
Less expensive Vintage clothing is almost always secondhand. Only rarely do you find a vintage piece that hasn't been worn before, and if you find one, you can expect to pay dearly for it. However, since most pieces aren't brand new, you won't pay brand new, straight from the manufacturer prices. While pricing may not always seem cheaper than what you would pay in a big box store, the prices of vintage clothing are definitely cheaper than department stores.
Even vintage jewelry is becoming highly popular and sought after because of the lower pricing. Now it's not uncommon to see a girl wearing a vintage ring, such as an emerald engagement ring, or a wonderful gold bangle. Vintage costume jewelry is also a beautiful and inexpensive way to jazz up an outfit.
Timeless If you shop right, the clean lines and fun colors provides by vintage clothing generally make the pieces timeless. No matter what is in that season, a good vintage dress or solid piece of vintage jewelry will be able to withstand the current trends and will still turn heads meaning that you won't have to blow a paycheck every couple of weeks to keep up with the latest.
Everyone loves a good vintage piece, and they tend to be the inspiration for current clothing lines. So even if you aren't wearing the latest, there is a good chance that if you are wearing vintage, you will see how the patterns and lines of your pieces are resonating in the latest wares of everyone else.
Higher quality Unfortunately, we live in a consumer market where most department stores and manufacturer's focus on quantity, not quality. They strive to produce as much inexpensive clothing as possible so that as many people as possible have access to somewhat fashionable clothing at an affordable price. While this is great for those of us on a budget, it generally forces manufacturers to use lower quality fabrics and materials to produce clothing – meaning we are buying cheaper clothes that will wear thin and fall apart more quickly.
Most vintage items are made of sturdier fabrics, and you will be able to feel it when you pick up a garment. The cotton feels heavier, the polyester is sturdy, and the wool is tightly knit or well felted. When you purchase a vintage item, you can expect it to last longer – even though it is already considered second hand – simply because it is made with higher quality materials and stitching which will overall save you money.
So overall, if you are looking to have a great wardrobe without breaking the bank, then you should consider going vintage. With vintage clothing there is something for everyone's style and taste, and something that is within everyone's allotted budget. Don't waste paycheck after paycheck at department stores or boutiques trying to keep up with trends. Stick to vintage and you will have a wardrobe that defies trends, will last much longer and will keep extra cash in your pocket.


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