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Lessons learned from extreme couponers

Who doesn't watch Extreme Couponing with amazement? Tightwad loves this show! She watched it last night.
They gave a statistic that most couponers are in the 52-64 year old range (give or take) but featured a 20-year old college kid who loves to coupon to stretch his $100/month allowance that he receives from his parents. The show took you into his kitchen, which is stocked at every level and to the brim with energy drinks, shampoo, detergent... he wouldn't be able to finish all the product before he graduates! Tightwad thinks he's awesome but that he should take his resourcefulness a step further and sell the stuff that he can't possibly use really cheaply on campus. That way other kids benefit, he augments his allowance, and he would actually be able to move around his kitchen. He seems to have a very patient roommate.
Also last night the show mentioned that less than 27% of the coupons offered by manufacturers were for fresh produce or actual food. No wonder these extreme couponers have nooks and crannies stuffed with detergent, energy drinks and cat food. You can't get coupons for broccoli or lettuce, but you can certainly come away with lots of goodies that will stretch your grocery budget to the point where most of your household items are pretty much free - seemingly for the rest of your life. Tightwad loves the game, watching the preparation and the hours these couponers spend in the store, the anticipation at the check-out and when the cashiers say something like, '"today you saved 96% on your grocery bill."
These couponing maniacs really show us how it's done. Here are some tips from Coupon Sherpa on the do's and don'ts of extreme couponing:

Shelf clearing
No matter what the extremists say, clearing a shelf of every item is just plain rude.This is just not done, people!

Teach your children What a great way to ensure the next generation learns frugal lessons before they leave the nest.

Build on a dream Couponing may = hoarding in some people's opinion, but a recent episode told of a couponer with the goal of building her dream home with her coupon savings.

Feed the masses Is it possible to feed 280 wedding guests on just $150? Apparently one woman is giving it a shot in season 2, so stay tuned!

Share the savings Warm fuzzies at the families who coupon for charities. Now there's a good lesson. Extreme couponers often get a bad rap, but most of these thrifty consumers donate part of what they purchase.


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