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Introducing... the caper

Capers pack tons of flavour, despite being the size of a small green pea. Random facts: They are the flower buds of a prickly Mediterranean shrub and are harvested by hand. Once brined, they develop an intense flavour that is at once salty, herbal and sour. If the buds are allowed to blossom and go to seed they become caper berries, which are also packed in brine and can be added to charcuterie platters or salads. Caper berries tend to be milder and sweeter than capers. The small capers are said to be the best, but the larger ones have bolder flavour. There’s the choice between vinegar or salt brined capers; vinegar ones last longer. Capers should be rinsed before using. They are particularly good with fish and other foods that tend to be oily or rich. Tossed in puttenesca or a butter sauce for chicken, they are delicious. Plus they look fabulous.

Here are some recipes that Tightwad has rounded up using these sassy little capers:

Menu Touristico dip with zucchini and capers
Simply Delicious lemony chicken escalopes with capers
1 Big Bite fish filet with capers, black olives and cherry tomatoes
Salad Pride Cucumber, caper and pomegranate salad
Kalofagas shrimp with capers and dill


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