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Advice on debt advice

Yes, this is advice about debt advice! With over 30,000 households applying for insolvency each year and many more dangerously close to defaulting on their loans, debt has become a major issue. Perhaps you, too, are facing financial difficulties and have started worrying whether or not you'll have enough money on the bank at the end of the month to pay off your credits, rent and recurring obligations. If so, it's high time you began looking for a way out of the downward spiral. You may be wondering: where to start? Debt advice has turned into a business and as with every business; there are charlatans who are after your money rather than your well-being. To get you on the right path, we've compiled four important points about debt advice for you – keep them in mind and you may find yourself in the black again very soon.
Debt advice offers vital benefits There is a good reason for asking an expert to assist you with your debt problems: debt advice can mean you won't have to apply for bankruptcy or an IVA or DRO, for example – measures with far-reaching and severe consequences. It can also help you arrive at a new attitude towards spending and point you towards a debt-free future. Most of all, it will provide you with the safety that lies in knowing you've verified all alternatives and selected the one that is best for you. Even when you're sure you've procured all the information that's out there, speaking to a debt advice expert always has its benefits.
Debt needs professional advice Type the words “debt advice” into your browser and you'll be given over a hundred million results. With all likelihood, that's precisely how you found this page as well. And yet, the Internet is hardly the place to find professional debt advice. For starters, separating the wheat from the chaff is all but impossible. Also, many of your specific questions can and will not be addressed on generic websites and require in-depth analysis. If you really feel as though your debt is spiraling beyond control, ask someone who really knows.
Debt advice is available from a variety of sources You will undoubtedly be aware that there are innumerable providers offering debt advice. But who are they, precisely? Some are charities offering information free of charge. Although they may seem like an obvious choice, the potential drawback lies in that you may have long queues before being able to speak someone. This makes many opt for private debt advice companies instead. The benefits of working with these agencies are that you'll usually have a dedicated employee working on your case who will take your calls and stand by your side when you need it.
Debt advice needs to be fair and transparent Some companies within the debt advice sector have rightly been criticised for charging their customers too much, promising them things they can't keep and placing them into unnecessary debt management schemes. With hundreds of companies on the market, it may seem an impossible task to pick the one that's right for you. But you can make things much easier for you by only considering providers that are part of DEMSA and have pledged to uphold standards that are fair and transparent. This will narrow your search down considerably and insure you're with a debt advice agency that really cares.


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