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Behold, the freezer bag

Stashing food into a freezer bag is easy. Why not try other uses for it?
Pan greaser Insert your hand into the bag and scoop up a bit of butter, rub into corners and onto sides of your pan. Once finished, turn the bag inside out, seal and toss it into the freezer for next time!
Pastry bag To fill mini-muffin cups, put batter into a heavy duty freezer bag, seal and snip a 3/4" opening in one of the bottom corners of the bag. Pipe the batter mess-free! This tip is also handy for icing, just adjust the snip size.
Meat pounder Pound boneless cuts of meat in a freezer bag strong enough to prevent liquid from spilling onto your countertop. If you pre-season the meat in the bag, even better.
Pit cherries By pitting cherries in a heavy gauge freezer bag you'll prevent juice and staining and it will keep all the pits and stems in one place for easy clean-up.


Tracey said...

Great Idea's.. wouldn't have thought about the cherry pitter... I love freezer bags for pastry bags..easy to use!

Heidi said...

even better, so that you don't have to buy freezer bags - wash and reuse milk bags for all the same things.

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