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Tips learned from Jamie, the genius

What's not to love about Jamie Oliver? He's a passionate advocate of healthy meals for all, he's not all caught up in fame and fortune; seemingly very approachable, and he makes food that is exciting, fresh and fun. Tightwad has recently become addicted to watching Jamie's Meal in Minutes. Here are some great tips that she picked up from him that she loves, and thinks you will too!

- Use your food processor as much as possible to save time; slice 'n' dice everything from potatoes to ginger in there, it's a miracle worker
- Grow herbs in pots in at your kitchen window for fast, fresh deliciousness (plus they pretty-up your kitchen)
- Don't ever catch yourself without extra virgin olive oil, sea salt, cracked black pepper, garlic or lemons
- Embrace fresh veg and fruit; unexpected combinations work well and with the right seasoning and cooking methods, everyone will love them
- It's easy to elevate "boring" food to something unexpected
- Roasted is always good
- Being organized in the kitchen will help you to create fab food in much less time than you think
- Haunt thrift stores and garage sales for large, sweet serving platters to present your gastronomic masterpieces on, family-style.


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