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Tightwad's guide to cheap reads

As everyone knows, reading is entertaining and educational. Without getting preachy and all, the benefits of reading include: subconsciously improving knowledge of grammar, language and writing, vocabulary acquisition, expanding horizons, providing a sense of perspective and the ability to see more than one side of a situation, and improving overall reading comprehension skills. Here are some Tightwad tips to cheap reads:

Library Every town and city has a public library system. You’ve already paid for the resources offered by the library, so may as well use it. Most library systems very up-to-date and offer the latest bestsellers and new releases in a variety of media.
E-books Free e-books are easily available from a variety of sources. Most free e-books are classics that have entered into the public domain as a result of expired copyright. Libraries also offer free access to thousands of new releases and bestsellers in e-book and audio-book formats through their websites. A good source for free e-books is: Book Glutton
Friends of the library book sales Most libraries have a friends group that collects donated books and organizes regular sales to raise funds for the library. These book sales often sell old, used, like-new and sometimes even new books for incredible prices. Even when there isn’t a sale, many libraries have a cart or shelf near the entrance where you can pick up books and deposit the money into a collection box or pay at the check out counter. The Book Sale Finder website is a great place to search for and sign up for notifications of book sales in your area.
Thrift stores typically have a book section with awesome prices. You can search for thrift stores near you at The Thrift

Used books online A wonderful online source for used books is Prices start at $1.00, even for some new books, and there is a huge selection from booksellers all over the world. is a good resource for used material too.

Book crossing It's awesome! Read on - here.
Speaking of affordable reading, why not enter Tightwad's monthly book giveaway contest? All the deets are here.


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