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Kids and money habits - start today!

According to Money Talks News, our subconscious is almost completely formed by the time we are six years old, and it is around this time when most of our notions about money are formed. Here are some tips to get your child started down the path to responsible fiscal habits:

Feed the piggy bank Show your child that a penny saved is a penny earned. Save for a rainy day together.
Set personal boundaries Can you really afford this? Is it worth it? Think twice before spending money that you may not have - like putting the purchase on a credit card!
Set an example Make sure your child has a healthy view on finances. Discuss the importance of generosity, being grateful for what you have and that you can't buy happiness.
Rise above the pleading Don't give into begging at the store; kids need to learn that money has to be earned and that they simply can't have something just because they ask for it - even if they ask "nicely!" - that's their secret weapon - you gotta stand strong!


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