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Getting out of the supermarket, somewhat intact

Avoid the TKO at the supermarket. Lured in with the promise of coupons, weekend sales and of course, necessity, it's hard to get through the routine of picking up groceries whilst keeping to your list... and budget. Here are some Tightwad tips to keep in mind the next time you enter the doors of your local store.

Don't be seduced by the smell of fresh baked bread

Don't shop on an empty stomach

Don't be distracted from your goal - if it's the dairy aisle, you know it's at the back of the store for a reason!

Don't even glance at the "end-caps" - they are designed to seduce you! Often higher priced items are placed on the end-cap because most people would rather just grab and go rather than head down an aisle to more price selection.

Don't pick the most obvious item; you have to work for it! Cheaper products are at the top or bottom of the shelves; the big ticket items are right there, at arm's reach.

Don't grab the first item you see in the interest of time. Take a moment to scan the entire shelf and make sure you're truly getting a good deal.

Don't be fooled by the loss leaders scheme; the supermarket is willing to take a loss on basic groceries but make up the difference in other ways. Make loss leaders work for you and shop around!

Don't be to quick to buy bulk - it's not always the best deal. Check the unit price for competing products and select the one that truly offers the best deal.

Don't go thinking that bigger is better. Manufacturers often increase package sizing to make you think you are getting more bang for your buck. Check out the volume and weight before putting that box of cereal in your cart.

Keep your hands at your sides at the check out stand. That's the supermarket's last chance to take advantage of your potential for impulse buys.

Give yourself a pep talk, review your grocery list and shop with purpose - you can do it!


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