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Drowning in cookbooks?

Do you have a cookbook crush? Anyone who loves cooking probably faces the same problem. A cookbook collection amassed over many Christmases, garage sales, birthdays and impulse purchases. This gastro library can consume cupboards in your kitchen, hallway, dining room, garage... The problems with this arrangement are many: lack of space, inability to find what you are looking for, piles of paperwork, you know how it is. Tightwad ideas to fix this issue:

Solution one Keep recipes, toss books - scan the recipes you like and donate the books.
Solution two Make an online cookbook - free sites such as and are FULL of fantastic recipes that you can search by ingredient of name. The sites let you create an online file where you can paste in recipes and annotate as you use them.
Solution three Organize books in a system that reflects your own inner logic and tastes. Perhaps by author, ingredients, geography + region or breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Solution four Create an easy and accessible filing system that's easy and efficient to use. Sort recipes in folders or in a three ring binder with tab dividers and plastic page protectors.


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