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Cash for gold: make some extra money!

There are a number of ways in order to augment your income. Gold has a good record when it comes to financial markets and prices are on the rise. Assess the quality of gold prior to selling it. This way you’ll be able to understand its actual value. If you are not aware of the carat, consult a professional jeweler and get it evaluated. Before you sell off your gold you should be able to explain the weight, condition and carat to the buyer. Gold in small amounts can be weighed with electronic kitchen scales, but keep in mind that such measurements may not always be fully accurate, and the jewelers and gold specialists may differ slightly in their determination of the worth of your gold. There are a few realistic options available to you when it comes to getting cash for gold, such as:
Sell Online There are a number of gold buying websites. These sites are quick and convenient. Place your items on the site and decide to accept or decline whatever offers come in.
Auction Consider placing your fine jewelry and specialty items for auction, but keep in mind the auction fees that you may need to pay.
Pawnbrokers There are pawnbrokers in all major cities and towns and they could be a convenient way for you to downsize your bling.
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