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Can it already

Have some clean empty metal cans around the house because you are sure that there must be a use for them - somewhere, somehow? Tin cans are durable, plentiful and reusable. They come in a variety of sizes that totally lend themselves to repurposing and thrifty crafting projects. Here are some ideas:

Seedling/plant pots/container gardens Put some stones or punch holes (see note in votives beneath) in the bottom so water can't pool. Add soil. Add plants. Nail to lattice. Add several and create a a green wall. Vertical herb garden, anyone?
Candle holders/votives Tin cans are the perfect size for using as candle holders. Punch holes in the sides to make pretty luminaria the next time you are dining al fresco. Tip: fill cans with water and let freeze first so you don't dent the can when you are punching it.
Button and miscellaneous small hardware container Everyone needs these!
Scrap catch-all Put carrot and veggie peelings in when you are making dinner for quick clean up on the way to the compost.
Pencil/pen holder Remove labels and cover in your fav wrapping paper, customizable brown craft paper or spray paper in bright, cheerful colours. The contemporary minimalist look of the cans will help make your desk look organized
Whimsical wind chimes Use the little cans and get crafty! Could work in conjuction with candles/votives plan.
Food holders Line with grease paper and fill with Christmas cake mixture for a sweet gift.
Culinary masterpiece Remove both ends of a narrow can to make "towers" for appetizers - layer heirloom tomatoes, boccocini and fresh basil with a little olive oil and balsamic, gently remove the can et voila! Culinary perfection!

How awesome is this? Cultcase: The Art of the Can


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