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Being superwoman: is it possible?

The age-old question. Women lose sleep over lots of things, like kids and work, but it is also money matters keep them awake at night. Lack of time to pinch pennies is a real problem for many, particularly those forced into the supermom role. Here are some tips to help all you superwomen make the best use of your time to save money.

Co-cook Share cooking duties with another family by creating super-large batches and dividing it for future consumption. You'll save money on supplies by buying in bulk and have the pleasure of a partner's company while you cook. It may even be fun!

Avoid multiple shopping trips Or reduce time and money on food runs by opting for grocery home delivery services.

Use mobile coupons Why put yourself through sifting through endless coupons when you can use mobile coupon apps right in the store? Check out's list of "15 Shopping Apps That Can Save You Big Bucks" and stock up on digital must-haves.

Reduce paper clutter Lack of organization is a real bugaboo for most women. Being organized helps Tightwad to feel more relaxed, even happy. One way to reduce the clutter that creates havoc is to pay bills online so you can electronically file the receipts. Best of all, you don't have to write and mail checks, which always entails that lengthy hunt for stamps.

Shop for presents all year It's there, it's a good price, and it's the perfect Christmas gift for your mother in law. The problem? It's July. Think about it. What are you waiting for? Ominous line ups? Last minute gift buying frenzy? Inflated holiday prices? Empty shelves? Canned Christmas music? Dragging your sorry self around a packed mall in a heavy parka and Uggs? Ugh. A little organization early on in the year means less frantic shopping at the last minute and also means you won't grab an expensive item just because time is running short.

How do you maintain your fab superwoman status??


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