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Tightwad quick tip: ribs and the real thing

Admittedly it's not too often Tightwad posts images of hunks of meat on her blog. In fact, it's the first time. But, there was no getting around it for this tip. On the weekend Tightwad's friends came over and cooked ribs, which turned out to be the best ribs ever and the secret was: boiling the ribs in cola for 90 minutes prior to grilling and sealing with your fav BBQ sauce. Two litres (you may need more) of cola and two white onions, cut up in large pieces. That's it! The acid helps to break down the protein in the meat so that the meat just falls off the bones. Plus the carbonation acts as a tenderizer.

Some side notes: you could marinate the ribs in cola first, then boil, or you could cook them in the oven for about four hours in the cola. Apparently root beer or Dr. Pepper works well too. Tightwad also learned that it's best to forget about side ribs. Go with back ribs, every time.


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