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Review: the help

Rarely does Tightwad like a movie as much as the book. The Help was an exception. Set in Jackson, Mississippi in the pre-civil rights era of the early 1960s, the focus of this movie is the racial tension omni-present in every coffee shop, bus and household in the south.
Emma Stone as Skeeter. Viola Davis as Abileen and Octavia Spencer as Minnie; three ordinary women, who together, take an extraordinary step.
The unspoken code of superiority, privilege and advantage enjoyed by the white women in Jackson, viewed from today’s lenses is unjust, excessive and discriminatory – to say the least. The movie didn’t adequately, in Tightwad’s opinion, highlight the extreme danger that Abilene, Minnie and the others took to give Skeeter the material that she needed. That they were courageous and audacious to do so is an understatement.
Fresh from college graduation, Skeeter turns the town upside down when she anonymously pens a book based on unbiased interviews from black women who have spent their lives, at less than minimum wage and much personal cost, taking care of white women’s homes, chores and children.
The Help is a snapshot into the tight knit community of African American women and their lifelong friendships that become caught up in the changing times. That it was realized and brought to the forefront by a white woman is part of the magic of this movie.


Tracey said...

I read this book last year as my first book club read... loved it!! Glad to hear the movie stays true to the book.. can't wait to go see it,, hopefully this weekend.. thanks for the review!!

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