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Pizza to please even the pickiest

Minimize protests tableside by changing toppings every 4 inches or so - this one's an automatic crowd pleaser, a hat trick, a slam dunk. It works best with dough that you shape into a narrow, thin crusted rectangle so it's easily sliced and shared when it comes out of the oven.

Some Tightwad topping ideas:

- basil pesto and boccocini
- feta, basil, red onion and heirloom tomatoes
- garbanzo bean puree with roasted garlic and parsley; finished with balsamic vinegar reduction
- spinach, bacon and white onion topped with sharp cheddar
- pancetta and gorgonzola; finished with arugula at the last minute
- pears, kalamatas, red onion, fontina and walnuts
- rosemary, feta, thinly sliced potatoes, kalamatas and sun dried tomatoes
- caramelized fennel, green onion, olives, blue cheese and slices of beef
- monterey jack, shredded chicken, bbq sauce and green chillies
- thinly sliced boccocini, capers, salmon and fresh dill; finished with squeeze of lemon
- figs, parsley, pancetta and chevre

Okay - who's hungry? What's your fav pizza topping?


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