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It's a wrap!

Reuse gift wrap and cards. Make it a habit to use gift bags instead of wrapping paper whenever possible—they’re easy to re-purpose and pass on to the next giftee. After festive occasions like birthdays and anniversaries, tuck your cards away in a safe place. The next time you are giving presents, use the festive fronts as gift tags — just cut off the parts that have been written on and give it some of your own bling with beads and other layers to add texture and depth.


Tracey said...

this is one of my favorite ideas.. I do this and boy does it save lots of money... I also buy Christmas cards at the end of every season and load up for the next few years..I haven't had to buy cards for about 4 years now.. great tip!

Anonymous said...

I do this too. I also save pretty ribbon from gifts to reuse. I've even made up easy gift bags from scrap material that get used and reused among our family members each year. I have a store of cheap raffia ribbon that can be used to reclose gift bags and make them look professionally wrapped.

Anonymous said...

I'd also add that once gift bags get ratty, they can be cut up and used to wrap smaller sized gifts.

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