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Tightwad book giveaway!

It's been awhile, but Tightwad is hosting another book giveaway! This time it's Geneen Roth's latest book, Lost and Found.
Geneen, like many others, always felt that there was never enough money in her bank account, clothes in her closet, even food on her plate. In a culture where the desire for wide-screen TV’s, huge McMansions and the newest gadgets has become the metric by which we measure our worth, it is hard to disengage from that lifestyle. Geneen has struggled with this idea for all of her life, first with food, and then in the wake of the financial disasters when she lost everything she had. Her challenge to herself was how to not only rebuild her day-to-day life but how could she be sure to never fall into the trap again.

To have a life that feels rich without the bills to prove it, a journey that Lost and Found explores. Here are some of Geneen's tips on the fundamentals on finance and food:
1. Budgets, like diets, don’t work. The fourth law of the universe is that for every budget, there is an equal and opposite splurge.
2. Pleasure and beauty are necessities, not luxuries, in finance and food.
3. Force, fear, deprivation, guilt, judgment and shame do not lead to change.
4. Only kindness, curiosity, and questioning what you’ve never dared to question will permanently change how you spend and what you eat.
5. Your relationships to money and food are exact expressions of your beliefs about worth, value, scarcity, abundance, and pleasure. Unless you question your beliefs, your behavior will remain the same.

What to do now? Geneen suggests:
1. Make money real. Pay in cash one day a week to remind yourself that you are exchanging one kind of energy—your time—for another—dollar bills.
2. Practice generosity. Give money away; there is always someone who has less than you do.
3. Be willing to appear money dumb. Ask endless questions until you understand what you want to know.
4. Question your beliefs about sufficiency, worth, and what actually makes you happy
5. Allow yourself to have what you already have. Take time with the clothes in your closet and the food on your plate.
6. Come out of financial hiding. Tell the truth about your fears, your guilt, your shame or your debt to people you love.
7. Set aside money for beauty and pleasure—any amount will do. Make sure you spend it.
8. Pay attention to what cannot be measured or counted. Notice how you feel in nature and with people you love. Cultivate gratitude. Do this many times a day. When you think you’ve reached the end, begin again.

If you want to win this book here's how!
1. Leave a comment on Tightwad letting her know why you want to win this book
2. Become a follower on Tightwad
3. Follow Tightwad on Twitter and tweet this post
4. Pay it forward and let this book go to another person once you've read it - set it free!

The winner will be picked in a random draw on July 31, 2011. Good luck!


Ann Summerville said...

This book looks wonderful.

mythreewonders said...

I would love to win this book! Thanks for the opportunity.

mythreewonders said...

Once I am done I will give it to my sister. :)

Jenny said...

I loved Women,Food,and God so am very interested in this book.

Jenny said...

And I will send it to my niece when I'm finished--she's just starting out on her own.

Kerry said...

I would love to win this book!

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