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Party tricks!

It's the weekend, so that means lots of fun in the sun and cooling down with some icy cold beverages. Here are some Tightwad party tips to help get things started!
  • Freeze clusters of grapes to float in punches. They keep the punch cold and look pretty.
  • Freeze lemon, orange and lime peel twists in party ice cubes with water to add to drinks
  • If you don't use all your citrus for garnishing your drinks, cut the rest into quarters and put them in a plastic freezer bag. They keep great in the freezer until the next happy hour.
  • Spray your BBQ with vegetable oil before using to make cleanup easier and faster.
  • Sprinkle your cake plate with granulated sugar to prevent cake from sticking when serving. This works for pizza too; use corn meal.
  • Several drops of lemon juice added to two cups of cream before whipping will cause it to whip up in less than half the time. If the cream refuses to whip, add one egg white.
  • Decrease the cooking time for hamburgers by making several toothpick holes in the centre of the patty.


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