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Maybe you can't save because of where you live?

Moving to another city is an expensive experience, but staying put in a city where the cost of living is high and opportunities are limited is an even pricier predicament to be in. You're familiar with a hometown, and it's hard to let go. Your friends and family are there, but that doesn't necessarily mean your future has to be there too.
Yet, a high percentage of our unemployment rate could possibly be reduced if more individuals and families uprooted themselves from wherever they call home in pursuit of opportunities. In places where the economy is booming and the population is growing, chances are hiring is happening - for everything from teaching positions to company leaders.
It's not just about employment opportunities; it's about the chance to make more money with a better job or finishing a college education in a city where there's a demand for those who studied what you did. Phoenix University might not have been your first pick of online college courses, but if there are job opportunities available in the area that require someone who studied what you want to study you should definitely consider it. Getting an online MBA in a city with growing industries is smarter than attending a traditional grad school somewhere that is undergoing economic decline that has lasted decades.
The cost of living variance between American cities should be what those trying to save money should look to the most. You might be shocked when you discover how your city compares to one just a few hours away.
Leaving friends and family behind isn't easy, but consider looking into cities where you have some friends or relatives already living.
The Dust Bowl of the 1930s mixed with the Great Depression resulted in millions of Americans migrating to the west coast from the Midwest, a mass movement most famously depicted in John Steinbeck's novel "The Grapes of Wrath."
Consider lack of opportunities in your hometown as your own dust bowl. Packing up and moving to where the opportunities are is sure to seem a little risky and dangerous, but when the economy turns for the worse, make the choice to sacrifice today's comfort for a brighter future on a fresh horizon.


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