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Life without light bulbs

Electricity prices are rocketing, energy bills are soaring and fuel costs are setting fire to the road behind. The general cost of living has been and still is steadily rising, almost beyond the boundaries of most of our salaries. What can we do about this? The overall level of energy output in our homes can be reduced in many ways. It’s fair to say that we have been more focused on saving the planet in recent years, perhaps mainly because there’s a financial incentive in it for the wanna-be eco-warriors amongst us. The focus has almost entirely been on cutting down electricity usage in and around the home, but how about cutting it out entirely? This may be too much of a shock to the system for some of us, considering the modern, technology-based lifestyles we lead - but it's possible. Perhaps a more realistic proposition would be to cut them down as much as possible by maximizing the natural resources that are available to us all. Light, for instance, is an obvious example. That thing we call the sun gives us billions of kilowatts of energy every hour so use your lights as little as possible this summer. Other ‘necessities’ that we think we need are cooking appliances. It’s amazing how much energy a microwave, for instance, can lose on standby overnight. Switch it off while you’re asleep and, when it comes to actually cooking your food, leave it, along with your oven, switched off. Try cooking outside and have more BBQs. Whilst we’re on the topic of food, too, have you ever thought of growing your own groceries? Supermarket prices are increasing so why not look to your garden to grow your vegetables. It’s a long-term money and planet saver, so everyone’s a winner. After all, it doesn’t get much more natural than living off your own land – unless, of course, you run away into the wilderness and truly live off the land. You’d have no electricity bills out there.

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