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Frugal can be fun! part 2

Welcome to part two of Jenni's three part series on living the fun, frugal life! To find out about Jenni, or read more, click here for part one.
Small indulgences are the way to go when trying to save money. Instead of buying a latte every morning, pick one day a week to treat yourself. This way you have something to look forward to and wind up saving as much as $20 a week, which is almost $100 a month- those frequent trips to Starbucks really do add up. Frugality does not have to mean complete depravity, it just means being intentional about where and when you spend your money.
Decide what is of the greatest quality for you and splurge less frequently (decreased quantities of meaningless goods) so that you can afford the quality items and still save money on the side. This kind of behavior eliminates the annoying miser and leaves you feeling like you are able to enjoy life while the savings continue to pile up.
Here are some great ways to cut costs on a daily basis:
• Brown bag lunches even just three days a week could save you a ton of cash.
• Avoid recreational shopping - hit the library instead!
• Sign up for a free online budgeting tool, like at Mint, and set specific budgets for things like coffee, lunch out, etc. This type of program tracks your expenses and alerts you when you run out of the pre-determined allotted amount of money.


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