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Top ten rules to save on your wedding

Tightwad is blogging over at Smart Bride today....... come visit and read the first of four posts about how to save on your big day and still be fabulous, and enter to win a contest! Do you have some tips to share? Tightwad would love to hear from you!

The key to holding an elegant but inexpensive wedding is to be creative and imaginative. Here are some tips to keep in mind when planning the big day.
  1. Prioritize!
    The bride and groom should agree on what is important and budget accordingly, allowing for extra unexpected expenses that may arise. Make a list of the most important things you want for your wedding and have your fiancĂ© do the same. Knowing your priorities before the planning starts will help you decide what to spend money on — and what you don’t mind doing cheaply or doing without.
  2. Edit edit edit!
    Before paying any deposits, decide where you can simplify. Do you really need choral singers and a string quartet at the ceremony and a wedding singer and DJ at the reception? Releasing doves or having your ceremony on a rented yacht are wonderful in concept, but may well be potential (probable!) budget breakers.
  3. Less is more.
    This rule applies to everything from flowers and the number of bridesmaids to how many levels your wedding cake has. Simple is always elegant.
  4. Know Your Contracts & Liabilities
    Make sure you understand any contractual terms and see what your liabilities are. If you aren’t comfortable with the company you are dealing with, go somewhere else.
  5. Look for Deals
    Where can you find great deals? Not always from wedding retailers. Try party shops for ribbons and other decorations, and furniture rental places for chairs. Seek vendors whose business doesn’t depend on the wedding industry. Be creative. Any vendor that tailors its business to weddings will overcharge, guaranteed.
  6. Ask for Discounts
    Want a discount when buying wedding supplies? Ask for one! You've got nothing to lose. Almost everything is negotiable, but you have to be willing to ask for what you want.
  7. Borrow!
    If you know someone with something that might work for your wedding, just ask. The worst they could say is no. Ensure that you return things in good shape. For example, wearing items you've borrowed from family and friends, such as special jewellery, veils or cuff links, will give your outfit a more personal and meaningful touch. You could also borrow items such as glassware, ceramics and linens, if possible.
  8. Rent, Don't Buy
    Renting rather than buying is a principle that can be applied to everything from tuxedos for your groomsmen to chairs for your reception.
  9. Ask for Help.
    Pool your friends' and families' resources. Think of musicians you know, a well-spoken friend who could act as your officiate, or creative and crafty people who can help you assemble things. They will generally be honoured to be a special part of your big day. Perhaps you have a friend with beautiful penmanship who could do your invitations and placecards in calligraphy, or maybe you know someone who is itching to add your wedding cake to their baking resume. Having friends and family able to help you will make your wedding day that much more special.
  10. Shop Online.
    You never know what you might find, from vases to veils. eBay, Facebook marketplace and wedding specific sites like are great sources for everything from second hand dresses to wedding favours, cake toppers, ring pillows and more. Remember to allow ample time for back and forth negotiations and for shipping. Look for trusted sellers whose feedback indicates that they have accurately represented what they have sold.
Above all, remember that your wedding is Day One of a life-long commitment. Look beyond the big day to the goals you will have as newlyweds. Remembering these goals throughout the planning process will help you to be prudent and stick to your budget.
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