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Tightwad tips: wedding food savings

Everyone knows that food is one of the biggest components of a successful rehearsal dinner and wedding reception, and one of the biggest costs. With some creative thinking, you can whittle down your list of must-haves to create a workable plan that will make everyone happy.
1. Enlist friends and family Ask friends and family if they would be willing to cook for the reception in advance. Perhaps you have a relative who is a budding chef and would like to help out!
2. Think simple but good Select lower-priced entrees such as chicken instead of beef, or pasta instead of scallops. Simpler vegetables — like broccoli instead of asparagus, for example — will also help cut costs.
3. Minimize courses. If you’re having a cocktail hour, do you really need an appetizer course? Do you need soup and salad?
4. Buy in bulk. Food, wine and champagne can be purchased in volume at a substantial discount.
5. Timing is everything. If you move your reception to an afternoon lunch, it can help you save money on food and alcohol charges. Food will be lighter and less expensive and guests will drink less in the afternoon than in the evening.
If you choose to have your event catered, there are still lots of options to ensure that you get the most for your money.
6. Be honest Talk with your caterer about your need to save money. Ask them which are the least expensive entrees and whether a buffet is cheaper than a seated dinner, and work with them to find a good solution to keep your bar tab at a manageable limit.
7. Children’s plates. Ask your caterer about the availability of children’s plates. You can save about 50 percent by ordering these special meals for the people on your guest list who are 12 years and under. A child’s plate is usually a smaller portion that an adult meal and, in fact, often consists of something that will have more appeal to children. Many caterers will not mention the option of children’s plates unless they are specifically asked because they make a larger profit selling adult plates only.
8. Seeking up and coming talent. See if a local culinary school could recommend a student or two to cater the event. Who wouldn’t shine with such a terrific opportunity?
9. Go for a plated dinner. Plated dinners can limit the amount of food you’ll need because people tend to eat less than they would at a buffet.
10. Leverage connections. If you know someone in the restaurant or food service business, ask if they can order certain things for you through a distributor and let you purchase at their cost.
Want more tips?! Check out Tightwad's Frugal Bride, which has tons of ideas to help you save big and still live large on your big day.


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