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Saving your wad on the road

A big Tightwad welcome to Cooper, who shares his tips for not blowing a wad on fuel consumption. Cooper Elling is passionate about saving money, fitness and blogging. When he's not working out, he writes about cooking, hacky sacks and a myriad of other topics. (Tightwad note: Truly a Renaissance kinda guy!)
With gas prices these days, it pays to drive in a manner that is more fuel-efficient. Not only that, but it’s probably safer, too.
Accelerate and brake gradually When you’re pedal to the metal, the gas is pouring into your engine. Accelerate smoothly and leave space between yourself and other cars so that you can coast instead of braking abruptly, wasting your gained momentum.
Slow down and hit cruise control The EPA estimates a 10% – 15% savings in fuel economy by keeping it under 65 MPH on the highway. Additionally, keeping a consistent speed is more efficient so hit the right lane and pop it into cruise control.
Carpool Sharing rides probably saves the most, yet none of us seem to do it. It saves miles on your car and drastically reduces your fuel consumption. Find a partner and take turns heading to work, to a friends, etc.
Proper car maintenance A lot of the money we spend on our cars isn’t at the pump. Proper upkeep of your car is much cheaper than repairing something when it breaks. Furthermore, the gradual acceleration and braking and your slower speeds will help your brakes and tires last much, much longer.


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