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Guerilla gardening: no space? no problem!

So you want to grow some beans and chives this year, but don't think that you have enough space for a garden? What's a gardening, not to mention a fresh food addict, to do? There are lots of alternative ways to create a space for your urban farm, and here are some Tightwad ideas:

Found space Even the tiniest yard contains nooks and crannies for a tomato patch. You might have to replace or fertilize the soil, but that's easy to do when dealing with a small plot.

Container gardening Many plants lend themselves to container gardening, particularly herbs. Considering the price of grocery-store herbs, this is one tip worth pursuing. Search thrift stores for used pots and get creative. Lots of other items - like buckets, coffee tins and baskets - make excellent planters. If the container has no drainage outlet, punch holes near the bottom or add a layer of rocks. Get yourself a wheelbarrow that you can plant with herbs and wheel around during the day to catch the sun!

Community gardens Most cities offer community gardens, where you can carve out a plot of your own. Some charge a small fee, but it will be worth the investment in terms of what you produce and the network of friends you will meet.

Ask your neighbors Do you have friends with plenty of room but no interest in gardening? Work out a trade deal in which you provide them with produce in exchange for permission to use their land.

Hanging planters As they increase in popularity, hanging tomatoes are available online and in stores. Tomatoes aren't your only option. Herbs, onions, spinach and other small crops grow well with minimal earth, as long as you fertilize it.

Traffic island gardens Adopt a local traffic island or roadside property and create a garden that will satisfy your green-thumb desires and beautify your neighbourhood. Your city may have a program in place that you could take advantage of.


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