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Got kohlrabi?

Looking like a root vegetable, but not, kohlrabi is a fast growing cultivar of the cabbage family. It tastes like broccoli stems or cabbage heart. It can be eaten steamed, boiled, roasted and raw. Kohlrabi is nutrient-dense, good for the circulation and immune system, promotes digestion and assists in muscle and nerve functions. Grab (or grow) some today! Here are some recipes that feature the cute little sputnik:

My Diverse Kitchen kohlrabi with spiced coconut paste
The British Larder raw salad of fennel, Seville orange, chicory and kohlrabi
Tangled Noodle pickled kohlrabi
Eating Club Vancouver sauteed kohlrabi sticks
Straight from the Farm kohlrabi and squash empanadasLink


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