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Using credit to help cap rising gas prices

You need your car but are already feeling the effects of rising gas prices. How can you save if you can’t bring down your fuel consumption? Well, you can’t change how much you pay for gas, but you can compensate for skyrocketing prices by changing how you pay.
Instead of using cash or your run-of-the-mill debit or credit card, get a spending vehicle that will work for you— a gas credit card. But, what card will provide the greatest savings? That depends; do you primarily fill up at the same chain of stations? If you do, get a gas credit card that’s linked with you station of choice. These cards provide up to 5% discounts on gas purchases at affiliated stations, which in the current environment equates to roughly 20 cents off every gallon you put into your tank.
If you don’t, get a card that provides up to 3% cash back on gas purchases made anywhere. Such gas-oriented cash back cards also provide at least 1% cash back on all other purchases, meaning they offer both the logistical flexibility you require from gas rewards and the widespread perks you want from any rewards credit card.
Once armed with one of these cards, you’re set to save. However, you might not yet be satisfied. As it turns out, compounding the savings provided by your credit card might be as simple as getting a Giant loyalty card because every $100 spent at Giant translates to 10 cents per gallon savings on your next fill up at any Shell station. You can also simply use a cell phone app—like Gas Buddy—that tells you where the cheapest gas in your area is. Either way, your wallet won’t be feeling the heat this summer.


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