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Tightwad's go-to perennial: dicentra spectabilis

It's hard to illustrate just how pretty this perennial is. It's even harder to describe how fantastic it is. One of Tightwad's favs, old-fashioned bleeding hearts are hardy and robust shade lovers, but because they are so versatile, they can do equally as well in partial sun. True herbaceous perennials, they will die back annually but come back even stronger the following year. Last year Tightwad bought three from a nursery that were practically dead. They were so forlorn looking that the cashier gave them away for a dollar each. They were planted with some TLC last fall, and have come out guns a blazin' this year, big, beautiful and spreading well.


TMCPhoto said...

This one has been a family favourite since I was a little girl. My Mom taught us how to tell the story of Cinderella with the blossoms. I did a tutorial on my blog last year

I'm hoping to plant a few in our garden this year too

Anonymous said...

Do you have any suggestions on perennials that are deer proof or even some that will scare away deers?

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