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Tightwad's frugal bride: ebook!

Tightwad is thrilled to announce that her first ebook is finished and available. Woot woot! It’s cool to be frugal! It’s smart to be thrifty! It’s hip to be practical! You can have the wedding of your dreams while watching your pennies and stretching your dollar. There’s plenty to celebrate about being a smart and sassy consumer. The bridal biz is a big one — with plenty of fabulous choices for every budget. Don't lose sight of the fact that the cost of your wedding has no correlation to the quality of your marriage. If spending $8.99 could save you at the very least $100, wouldn’t you? In fact, engaged couples can expect to save well into the thousands using these wedding planning tips from Tightwad. Frugal Bride contains over sixty pages full of thousands of savings tips for the budget- conscious bride as she plans her big day. Every aspect of wedding planning, from stationery to shoes, is considered in order to maximize benefit and minimize the bottom line. There’s even a section entitled “Frugally Ever After” to help newlyweds put their best foot forward when it comes to finances. Tightwad’s Frugal Bride is directly available via Paypal. Please see the "Buy Now" button on this site. You will receive a PDF of the e-book in your inbox upon receipt of payment.

Tightwad’s Frugal Bride costs $8.99. Not buying this book could cost you thousands.

Thumbs Up for Tightwad’s Frugal Bride!
Frugal Fashionista describes Tightwad’s Frugal Bride as "The perfect how-to manual for a budget-conscious bride."

“Every bride, with budget big or small, should read "How to be Fabulous for Less on your Big Day." It's packed full of practical and fresh ideas - based on creativity and experience. Having Tightwad's advice is like having a wise, hip auntie that helps you stay sane while in the throes of wedding planning madness. You'll have a great day, and have extra money to spend on the honeymoon." – Monica, professional event planner

Janet, marketing guru, says: "Finally, sanity in the midst of chaos! "How to be Fabulous for Less on your Big Day" is packed with practical and fresh ideas that will allow you to stay away from the over-spending that has become common practice. Spending a half hour reading Tightwad's book is an investment that immediately pays off."

“If you are ready to tie the knot then Tightwad’s Frugal Bride is a must read for you! There are so many decisions to make in planning your big day and this book will provide you with tons of great tips to save money at every stop!” – Carrie, newlywed

“I love the way that Frugal Bride is organized; it’s so easy to use for quick reference. Tightwad saved me hundreds of dollars on my wedding.” - Gillian, newlywed

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