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Repurposing your "trash"

This doesn't take too much effort - just look at your recycling and stuff you want to downsize with a fresh pair of eyes. Maybe you can use that empty tissue box to store that wad of plastic bags you've got stashed under the kitchen sink, or an empty paper towel roll could be used in your car to keep plastic bags in one place for your next shopping trip. Dry cleaning bags can be reused to store out-of-season clothing; they're perfect for it because they are clear and roomy. Paper rolls and tissue boxes in general are awesome for crafts (see here for the woodpecker and lots of other awesome ideas) think buses, puppets, pencil boxes, funny slippers - the possibilities are endless. Tightwad *hearts* this because it means that things get repurposed and diverted from the waste stream for just a little while longer, and it gives you a chance to get your creative on!


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