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How your library card can save you money

Many people don't think of the library when they are considering ways to save themselves money. However, simply having a library card can help you keep a considerable amount of money in your pocket. Aside from having access to the latest books, CDs, and DVDs for free, there are numerous other ways a library card can save you money including:
Entertainment A library may not be the first place your mind goes to when you are looking for a great time; however, libraries often host a variety of activities throughout the week and they are often free. From movie screenings to book readings and clubs, there is something that nearly everyone of any age can enjoy. Many libraries even have great children's programs and may host puppet shows and plays and even bring in planetariums. What's even better is that all these programs are free so you are able to entertain yourself or the whole family without spending a dollar.
Wi-Fi Internet is expensive and many people enjoy taking advantage of local venders to access free or cheap Wi-Fi. However, Wi-Fi isn't always free especially in larger cities, and some vendors, such as coffee shops, don't always enjoy it when Wi-Fi users just take up seat space without buying anything. At your local library though, you can enjoy free Wi-Fi and sit for as long as you like without feeling obligated to purchase anything.
Magazine and Paper Subscriptions Magazine and paper subscriptions may come with a fairly low one time price, but why not save yourself the money you spend on these subscriptions and check them out at the local library. Not only are they free, but having to view them at the library also gives you an excuse to get out of the house. Libraries also keep all the back issues so you never have to worry about missing out.
City Passes Many libraries keep passes to local museums and other educational destinations, and interested library card holders have anytime access to these passes which is a great way to avoid paying high entrance fees which can range anywhere from $15 to $50. Although these passes allow you to enjoy the latest exhibits, they are often quick to go. So make sure you visit your local library early on the days you wish to use them.
Life-Long Learning Libraries are an epicenter of learning, and they offer numerous courses throughout the year to help their patrons learn new skills. Many libraries offer computer software, language, and creative writing courses which you can sign up for free or at a very discounted price. Most libraries even offer courses to help you boost your resume or hunt for jobs if you are wishing to change careers.
When you think about it, you're already paying for the library with your taxes... you might as well take advantage of it!


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