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Getting the most out of your gift registry

Most traditional wedding registries are filled with requests for pots, pans and silverware. But wouldn't it be nice to ask for a new couch instead? With more couples living together before the wedding and people delaying marriage until their 30’s or 40’s, many people already have much of what they need for building a home together. Of course, asking for a big ticket item through a traditional registry is unrealistic – and, fair to say, rude. People want to give you something that you need and will use.

The new thinking is that brides and grooms, new parents or others who are celebrating can customize a gift card for their favourite stores for a big ticket item and allow guests to contribute whatever amount they wish to the gift. The gift card is automatically updated so that other guests know how much more is outstanding on the item. Do some research in your local area to see if this is an option for your registry.


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